Why and When to use VNet Peering vs VPN Gateway

Virtual Network is basic network service in Azure. Every virtual machine you create in azure is seats in one virtual network. In ASM old fashion it was possible to deploy virtual machine without virtual network but in latest ARM model you first need to create virtual network. Virtual Network is basic fundamental block of azure network. You can create multiple subnets in one virtual network to divide virtual network. By default two Virtual Machine can communicate internally in VNet using private IP. But when we talk about communication between 2 Virtual Network it always goes with different options. Today In this blog I will explain some basics of different options to connect 2 or more virtual networks.

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Azure Bastion ?

Azure bastion is fully managed Azure PaaS service. It helps to guard your virtual machine from inside your virtual network. You provision bastion in your own virtual network but separate subnet with name ‘AzureBastionSubnet’. In this case neither you need to create any other jump box nor to maintain this bastion. You also don’t to worry about high availability of bastion

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All About IoT (Internet of Things)

It has simple definition, Things or system which can connect to Internet. In IT industry we have lots of technologies which can store data, process data , share data. But what if we have devices which can share data to our cloud services ? for example if you have Heater in your house or Warehouse which can notify temperature of your room if its crossing some max temperature limit when you are outside of house.

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Why Nested Azure Traffic Manager profile required?

Last week while designing one critical architecture, I trapped in one critical scenario. I kept in mind to share this challenging experience with you. As you all know Azure Traffic Manager have different Traffic-Routing methods. This routing methods decides the way how to route the incoming traffic to various available endpoints. Below is the list of Traffic-routing methods

1) Priority
2) Weighted
3) Performance
4) Geographic
5) Multivalue
6) Subnet

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Azure Managed Service Identity (MSI)

MSI has 2 types of Identity’s System Assigned Identity and User Assigned Identity.

System assigned identity is already exists / automatically get created in Azure portal. For User Assigned Identity User can create Identity (Azure Active Directory) of any services from portal. Once Identity is created, this can be assigned to any one or more Azure service instance. User assigned identity is stick to azure service instance. If user deletes this services instance then identity get deleted automatically.

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Azure – Custom Script Extension

Hi Friends, Today I am writing about Azure Custom Script Extension (CSE). Azure CSE is basically executes required scripts on virtual machine to configure desired specification once Virtual Machine is in ready states. This helps to setup / configure all required services OR install all prerequisites once VM is up. I will explain here step by step about How to add Custom Script Extension, execute it and find out logs or issues related to Custom Script Extension.

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