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All About IoT (Internet of Things)

March 30, 2021 0 Abhijit Kakade Azure Cloud IoT

Today I am starting writing articles on new hot topic. As we all know the future of IT industry will be totally different. You may get multiple articles or Research pages on this subject. Mostly you will see it will focus on some keywords like, AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and IoT (Internet of Things). Future of IT will be very strong and intelligent. Each and every Services, Resources will get upgraded to higher level of it. For example – Tube lights, Heater , Fridge, Devices. This are normal devices for now, but in future it will be smart and Internet connected. If we want to connect this deices with your mobile app or some other device then in should get upgraded to latest technology which we called as IoT (Internet of Things) . In this article today i will explain all about IoT.

What is IoT ?

It has simple definition, Things or system which can connect to Internet. In IT industry we have lots of technologies which can store data, process data , share data. But what if we have devices which can share data to our cloud services ? for example if you have Heater in your house or Warehouse which can notify temperature of your room if its crossing some max temperature limit when you are outside of house. This smart device (Heater) can notify you on your mobile or other communication way so you can take immediate action. Connecting things to the Internet has lots of benefits.

Why we need IoT ?

This question can have different answer from different sources. Till now we have smart phone. Smart phone is Phone which can help you in different ways like You can connect to internet , download different mobile Applications,  connect to Bluetooth devices, Wifi , Screen mirroring , Alerts. This all functionality can make your phone smart. Same way we can have other smart devices which can be get communicated with different ways, send and receive information.  For example Fridge, Lights , Smart Cars, Washing Machine , Microwave oven etc. This devices can communicate with you using internet. You can check status of this smart devices though you are far away from that devices. This devices can send you Notification , High alerts in case of emergency.

Smart devices can send you all require data  and using this data your life can be more fast and advance. You don’t need to physically visit every device and check details. It will also save lot of time, quick communication.  Below  we can see some scope of IoT requirement.

  • Building and Home Automation

In building and Home Automation you can Manage and Monitor in house devices or Devices in building like Lights , Fans , Elevators , Heater , Telephone,  TV etc. You can start and stop this devices using applications , you don’t need to go physically to start stop it.

  • Healthcare Devices

In Healthcare all smart medical equipment’s can communicate with doctor through internet. This devices can send important data like Heart beats, Glucose level, Blood pressure to Doctors can observe patients health on application instead of physically available.

  • Traffic Signal / Transportations

In Transportation industry devices like Traffic Signals, vehicles can send live data to different servers and police stations where police can manage different areas with less man power.  Parking camera also can be connected to Internet which can send picture or live streaming to internet which will help in different ways. This smart devices also can track fast driving vehicles and police can send fine to driver without any manual interventions.

  • Industrial automation

In Industrial automation devices can send timely report over Internet to servers where employee can check status of production line status. One engineer can manage multiple lines at a time. Also can help to improve quality of the product with different aspects.

  • Billing and Payment

If you are buying any products in shop or taking any services in shop for example of car wash / servicing in that case you can do payment without contact. Smart Devices can scan sensor on car or some products which can be used to do the payment automatically. This will be secure payment gateway.

  • Stock or Warehouse  Management

In warehouse smart rack and smart shelf can communicate with internet with require details. This devices can send stock details , product details , customer details to application which can be helpful to manage stock on shelf and racks

In this way we can use IoT Technology in every domain or scenarios. But in this case what matters is accuracy of data and report based on this data. Using this data some applications like analytics , SAP can predict future requirement or scenario.

This was all IoT and its requirement. In next lecture we will focus more on Azure IoT Services. If you still have any questions or query on this topic you can send me email with you query, feedback on my email ID ‘abhijitk914@gmail.com’

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