Azure Application Gateway

Application Gateway is type of load Balancer (web traffic). That enables you to manage traffic of your web application. In Azure Normal Load balancer operate at Transport Layer (OSI layer 4) using TCP and UDP protocol. Application gateway operate at Application layer (OSI Layer 7) Load balancing. This is also called as Application Delivery Controller (ADC) as a Service. Application gateway is optimized for Hypertext Transfer Protocol ( HTTP , HTTP’s) workload.

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Azure Deployment Details And Logs

In Azure, while deploying any resources, if we get an exception or error, there are different ways to find out the details of the error. Today, I will show you how to get/extract the exact detail of error/exception from Azure portal.

We all know that with ARM, every resource on Azure is connected with any Resource Group. I hope you are aware of Resource Group. If you want to know more about resource group, check the article Resource Group.

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